Organic kitchen

Our organic kitchen

Our organic kitchen

Our purpose-built organic kitchen is on a small farm in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Here, our head chef and nutritionist work in tandem to develop recipes that give your baby the best possible start – and perhaps a taste for the finer flavours in life.

We never launch a dish without testing thoroughly first. For us that means our own testing in the kitchen, then on babies and their mums or dads.

We think it really important that baby is as much a part of family mealtime as everyone else – even if there are just two of you. With our meals, your baby gets used to the sort of dishes they’ll be sharing round your family table until they fly the nest. But that day’s a long, long way off. So let’s not dwell on it.

Frozen…or pasturised

Now, here’s the difference. Most baby meals are pasturised. They’re the ones you can keep for years on end without fear of them going off. Put simply, pasturisation means less flavour. We believe bland food is a barrier to developing taste buds. This leads to fussy eaters. And those stubborn, fussy eaters – no matter how much we love them – are the most difficult to get nutrients into. Grrr.
So we cook our tasty meals, then freeze to pack the goodness in. Then you can heat straight from the freezer so your baby gets everything they need. And nothing they don’t.
We are pleased to assure you that all our pots are totally food safe and 100% bpa free.

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